Application for the Dietmar Neufeld Student Travel Fund 2017  - Download Application here


            Each year, donations by members of the CSBS to the Dietmar Neufeld Student Travel Fund help to defray the travel expenses of student members attending the annual meeting and presenting a paper. The Travel Fund can help to cover only a small proportion of the total travel costs of the membership, and thus needs to be distributed with discretion and fairness. Our present policy is to limit travel grants to student members who are reading papers or prepared responses. To ensure that money is available for students who most need it (especially those who live furthest from the Congress site), we request that student members make every effort to secure additional funds to help defray their costs. 


            Please note that grant monies are distributed using the formula $1x. The value of x is determined by the number of applicants. Accurate information on the actual individual grant amounts will only be available just prior to the start of Congress. Grant cheques will be issued at the Congress or mailed to the grant recipients afterwards. 


            To be eligible for a student travel grant, please complete this form and return it to the Treasurer so that it reaches him no later than May 1 (late applications will not be eligible for funding). Please note this pertains to the cost of travel by the least expensive means available to you. A copy of the receipt indicating actual costs, not estimates, is required. 


            Also, in order to receive travel funds, your CSBS membership dues must be paid (feel free to contact Alex Damm to verify), and you must also be registered for Congress. If you meet the criteria outlined here and more precisely in the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies Annual Meeting Student Travel Grant Funding Policy, then please DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM 

Please return this completed form and your receipt by May 1 to:


Alex Damm

c/o Department of Religion and Culture

Wilfrid Laurier University

75 University Avenue West

Waterloo, Ontario

N2L 3C5

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.