The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies offers prizes for student essays related to the field of Biblical Studies. Two prizes are offered each year: the Jeremias Prize and the Founders Prize, valued at $250.00 each. Prize winners are invited to deliver their paper at the Society’s Annual Meeting (held late May or early June), and in addition to the prize money members of the Society will receive travel expenses (within North America) to the meeting. 

Criteria: Submissions must demonstrate graduate level research ability and show familiarity with the appropriate original languages and the modern languages of scholarly research. Special attention will be paid to clarity (the cogency with which the thesis of the paper is structured, articulated, developed, and defended) and originality (the contributions which the thesis makes to scholarship, e.g., by employing new methods, new comparisons and/or new bodies of evidence). Entries may be based upon work already completed at the graduate level and should be suitable for oral delivery at the Annual Meeting of the Society. Work that has been published or submitted for publication is not eligible.

Selection Process: Entries will be judged by members of the Executive Committee of the Society or their delegates, who reserve the right not to award either or both prizes in any given year. A prize will be awarded only once to any individual.

Submissions: The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies issues a call for papers for these prizes each year. Entries must not be longer than 20 typed pages(excluding notes), typed and double-spaced (12-point font). A note (email is fine) in support of the paper from a professor or administrator verifying the candidate's student status is required. The name of the student should appear only on the title page, which should also include the student's email address. Students must submit an electronic copy of paper in .doc and .pdf formats. Essays may be in English or French. Submissions will be accepted if they are received by the CSBS Executive Secretary by the deadline. Students may submit a paper simultaneously to the essay competition AND to the general programme. However, students are restricting to submitting only one paper per year for the competition.


Deadline for receiving submissions for this year was JANUARY 15, 2018

Submissions should be sent to: 

Keith Bodner
Crandall University
Box 6004 
Moncton, NS
Canada, E1C 9L7
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Jeremias Prize was initiated in 1984 with funds donated anonymously by a member of the CSBS, and named in honor of Joachim Jeremias. An internationally recognized biblical scholar, Jeremias was born in Dresden in 1900 and raised in part in Jerusalem. Jeremias was Professor of New Testament at Greifswald from 1929 to 1935 and held the chair in New Testament at Göttingen from 1935 until 1968.

Previous Jeremias Prize Winners

The Founders Prize was initiated in 1985 after a major fundraising drive for that purpose by the CSBS. It was named in honour of the nine “founding fathers” of the Society: T. J. Meek, W. S. McCullough, Frederick Winnett ( from University College’s Department of Semitics), Richard Davidson, J. H. Michael and John Dow (Emmanuel College), H. V. Pilcher (Wycliffe College), John Lowe (Trinity College) and R. B. Y. Scott (United Theological College in Montreal). These scholars met on March 3, 1933 at Emmanuel College to establish a Canadian biblical studies society. Their efforts led to the first meeting of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies at Victoria University, Toronto on May 2-3, 1933, attended by twenty-three individuals. For further information on the Founders and the early years of the CSBS see John Moir, “The Founding of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies,” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 11/1 (1982) 9-12; idem, A History of Biblical Studies in Canada: A Sense of Proportion (Society of Biblical Literature Centennial Publications, vol. 7; Chico: Scholars Press, 1982) 66-71.

Previous Founders Prize Winners.