Le Prix Jeremias/The Jeremias Prize

Lauréats des années passées/Previous Winners:

  • 2017: Ryan D. Schroeder (University of British Columbia):
    “'Make A Fence Around Torah' (m. 'Abot 1:1): Scriptural Authority and Religious Discourse in the Mishnah"
  • 2016: Jonathan Vroom (University of Toronto):
    “A Cognitive Approach to Copying and a Critique of David Carr's Approach to Oral-Written Transmission."
  • 2015: Mari Leesment (University of Toronto):
    “Instructions for Becoming a Stoic Sage: The Epistle of James and Stoic Cosmology"
  • 2014: Michelle Christian  (University of Toronto):
    “Money and the Construction of Value in Mt. 10:29-31/Lk 12:6-7"
  • 2013: Wally V. Cirafesi (McMaster Divinity College):
    “The Bilingual Character and Liturgical Function of 'Hermenia' in Johannine Papyrus Manuscripts: A New Proposal”
  • 2012: Courtney J.P. Friesen (University of Minnesota):
    “Dionysus and Jesus: The Incongruity of a Love Feast in Achilles Tatius’ Leucippe and Clitophon 2.2”
  • 2011: Callie Callon (University of Toronto):
    “Adulescentes and Meretrices: The Correlation between Squandered Patrimony and Prostitutes as drawn from Greco-Roman Comedy in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.”
  • 2010: James Magee (Vancouver School of Theology):
    “Jesus and Augustus – Divine Sons: Multivalent Lukan Sonship in the Light of Graeco-Roman Ruler Worship”
  • 2009: Erin Vearncombe (University of Toronto):
    “Whom did he Marry? Women, Sex and Holiness in the Book of Jubiliees”
  • 2008: Andrew Pitts (McMaster Divinity College):
    “Authoritative Citation in Greco-Roman Historiography and in Luke(-Acts)”
  • 2007: Ryan Schellenberg (University of St. Michael's College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Which Master? Whose Steward? Metalepsis and Lordship in the Parable of the Prudent Steward (Luke 16:1-13)”
  • 2006: Sean A. Adams (McMaster Divinity College):
    “Luke's Preface and its Relationship to Greek Historiography”
  • 2005: Lincoln Blumell (University of Toronto):
    “A Jew in Celsus’ True Doctrine”
  • 2004: Susan Haber (McMaster University):
    “From Priestly Torah to Christ Cultus: The Re-Vision of Covenant and Cult in Hebrews”
  • 2003: Murray Baker (Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology):
    Jews, God-fearers, Theos Hypsistos, and Stephen Mitchell At Miletos: An Epigraphical Application of a Novel Theory”
  • 2002: Matthew W. Mitchell (Temple University):
    “An Aborted Apostle: An Exploration of the Meaning of ektroma in Paul’s Self-Description”
  • 2001: Keir Hammer (University of Toronto):
    “Silenced by Fear: Understanding 16:8 in the Context of Mark’s Gospel”
  • 2000: Diane Wudel (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):
    “Enticements to Community: Formal, Agonistic and Destabilizing Rhetoric in the Sermon on the Mount”
  • 1999: Zeba Antonin Crook (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Saul the Client: The Reciprocity and Gratitude of Paul the Apostle”
  • 1998: Colleen Shantz (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “‘The Son of Man’ as a Cultural Construct”
  • 1997: Lee Johnson (Knox College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Satan Talk in Corinth: The Language of Conflict”
  • 1996: Tony Chartrand-Burke (University of Toronto):
    “The Gospel in Miniature: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas as Children’s Story”
  • 1995: Alicia Batten (University of St. Michael’s College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “Dishonourable Passions: Paul’s View of Homoeroticism in Context”
  • 1994: Carla E. P. Jenkins (Memorial University):
    “The Samaritan Woman and the Reader in John 4:1-42”
  • 1993: Ernest Janzen (University of Toronto):
    “Numismatic Windows into the Social World of the Apocalypse”
  • 1992: Norman Collier (College of Emmanuel and St. Chad):
    “The Baptist, the Flashback, and the Reader: A Narrative Analysis of Matthew 14:1-13”
  • 1991: John Earnshaw (McMaster University):
    “Reconsidering Paul’s Marriage Analysis in Rom 7:1-14”
  • 1990: Bradley McLean (Trinity College/Toronto School of Theology):
    “The Absence of an Atoning Sacrifice in Paul’s Soteriology”
  • 1989: Gloria Neufeld Redekop (University of Ottawa):
    “Let the Women Learn: 1 Timothy 2:8-15 Reconsidered”
  • 1988: Randy Klassen (McMaster University):
    “The Quest for Centre: The Adam-Christ Typology of Romans 5:12-21”
  • 1987: Barry Henaut (University of Toronto):
    “John 4:43-54 and the Ambivalent Narrator: A Response to Culpepper’s The Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel
  • 1986: Sheila Redmond (University of Ottawa):
    “The Date of the Fourth Sibylline Oracle”
  • 1985: Edith Humphrey (McGill University):
    “‘The Appearance of the Likeness of the Glory’: Prophetic Vision as Precedent to Apocalyptic”
  • 1984: Ian Henderson (McMaster University):
    “Wisdom’s Children: The Proverbs of Jesus”