The official CSBS Archive is located in the Queen’s University Archives at Kingston.

The four boxes of archived material begins in 1933 and includes the constitution, AGM minutes, financial statements, lists of papers at annual meetings, and copies of the CSBS Bulletin. Later copies of the Bulletin incorporate the AGM minutes and financial statements (although a few volumes of the Bulletin are missing)

The archives are accessible to Queen’s Faculty and students as well as to outsiders, as per the usual regulations around such things (the main one being that they cannot circulate). Material can be photocopied.

A good overview of the history of the CSBS through the 1970s can be found in John S. Moir, A History of Biblical Studies in Canada: A Sense of Proportion (SBLBSNA 7; Chico: Scholars Press, 1980).



In honour of the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies the 1962 Presidential Address by Prof. John Macpherson "A History of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies" can be found here (A History of CSBS). The address was originally published in the 1967 edition of the CSBS Bulletin, and has been annotated by Prof. Peter Richardson for its re-publication on our website. The address is a fascinating history of the CSBS from its inception to 1962, showing how the society has functioned, evolved and coped with various challenges. When you have a moment, please do read this gem and key to our history. It remains an instructive story of a thriving and diverse society.